Committed with the Development of Our Employees, Their Communities, and Environmental Care

Environmental Commitment

Reducing the environmental footprint generated by our businesses operations is the commitment we make in GIS in order to achieve the preservation and sustainability of our communities.

We are ISO 14001 certified  and are in the process of receiving the Clean Industry Certificate provided by the Federal Environmental Protection Regulatory Agency (PROFEPA).

Environmental Protection Policy

Today I Planted a Tree

Coworkers, therir families, and Saltillo's University Student Council (CEIS) joined in and planted 700 trees in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila.

7.3 MUSD Investment in Emissions' Control Equipment

In the new plant of Tisamatic San Luis, we made an investment of 7.3 million dollars in emissions' control equipment with a capacity of 650 Thousand CFMs. It is an intelligent system that makes efficient use of electricity which allows emissions to be below the Mexican Official Standard.

Environmental Care

Trees were given away as a gift to the children of our employees so that they could plant the trees in their home and raise awarness of the importance of the environment.